Sunday, April 03, 2011


When they named those tight jeans 'skinnies', they obviously weren't thinking of me. Because when I wear them, they're anything but skinny. If you ask me, they're more like 'curvies'.

Okay okay, I can't really blame the skinny jeans for my body shape. It's what's underneath them that makes the difference. But a girl is what a girl is, and despite the fact that I swore I would never ever wear them due to my body shape, I have a pair in my wardrobe that I bought on a 2 for 1 deal over a year ago.

And I hardly ever wear them. Except for today. I've decided it's time to just wear them, dammit. It's my nature to think it's an awful waste of money if I'm not wearing them four times a week.

The reasons why they sit in my wardrobe week after week is: Firstly, I need a little height to balance out those child-bearing hips (which, ironically, never actually pushed out a baby - not even once). Secondly, I have small children, and thirdly, where do I go where I need ripped jeans and heels? Not too many places, I can tell you.

Also, my curvy jeans pull down from the calf, so I'm forever pulling them up. Plus they're not exactly stretchy. I don't feel like I sit down normally in them. It seems it's also in my nature not to wear anything unless it's 100% practical.

Oh dear. I never thought I'd see the day when comfort overtook my love for the latest look.

This necklace was purchased at this funky jewellery shop in Lorne (the name of the shop doesn't seem to be that memorable to me, perhaps it's time to visit it again?), which just so happens to be my second favourite beach holiday place (right after Palm Cove). I've had it for over five years now, but still wear it over and over.

And where would I be without my favourite wedges? Oh, how I love them. I just wished there were more opportunities to wear them. Plus, they make me just under 6 feet tall!

And a smile for you, because I think you're fabulous!

And here I am, taking myself really seriously.

And what about you? Do you have an item in your wardrobe that you don't wear because it's not exactly comfortable, but you keep it because of 'someday'?

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Kymmie wears: TOP, Witchery (on sale). JEANS, JeansWest (2 for 1 sale). WEDGES, Tony Bianco. PLAITED BELT, JeansWest (on sale). NECKLACE, Some funky jewellery shop on the shorefront in Lorne, Victoria. RING, A hippy shop in Brisbane (sorry, could I be any more vague?). NAIL POLISH, Maybelline Forever Strong Berry Persistent.


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