Friday, April 15, 2011


We've been visiting family this week, and apart from an exciting plane trip, there's so much to be grateful for...
  1. Happy airport reunions. There's nothing more gorgeous than seeing the big wide grins of two little boys who are super excited to see their Adelaide grandparents again. (Oh, and big wides smiles of the grandparents' too.)
  2. Movie nights with siblings. Because I never get time off at home, it was a delight to go and see Red Riding Hood with my step-sister Karen. And because her husband is a cop who does shift work, she hardly ever gets a chance to have a night off either. Double treat!
  3. Sleep ins. With a mother who is happy to get the kids out of bed, dressed and fed means something wonderful for me the last few mornings. Thanks Mum!
What are you grateful for this week? Happy Grateful Day.