Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I cannot begin to tell you how nervous I was to actually meet people I've only read about in the virtual world. Some of my favourite people, in fact. It's like meeting a celebrity. Someone you think you know.

Except that you don't.

But you do know enough about them to know that you don't need to start from scratch - you know, the outer layers of an onion. You start somewhere in the middle layers, or even deeper. Even though it feels a bit strange to do that.

And then there's those insecurities. And the butterflies. Because I admit I was nervous. When I asked myself why I was nervous, what did I come up with?
  • What if they're nothing like I imagined?
  • What if I don't like them?
  • What if we run out of things to say?
  • Will I enjoy reading their blog after meeting them?
  • Will the mystery all be gone?
Now reverse those questions and turn all those onto me (because they were the real issues!).
  • What if I was nothing like they imagined?
  • What if they don't like me?
  • Will they enjoy reading my blog after meeting me?
It was fear of The Fear. In the worst way.

Because while my quirky ways might seem cute or likeable on the blogosphere, they may just seem weird in real life. Like when I order a hot chocolate (because I don't drink coffee). Or when I talk a lot when I get nervous. Or how my children behave. And damn those Fancy Pants posts. Are they going to notice what I wear, or what I don't? Will I look the same in real life?

I made it clear up front I was nervous. After all it allows anyone else to admit the same thing. A great ice breaker too. Except when they didn't.

Brenda (of Mira Narnie) said, "Yeah - don't be nervous, be freaking excited!!! It's going to rock." While Cate (of Keep Cate Busy) said, "I'm not nervous! You are both gorgeous...what is there to be nervous about?"

Either they were hiding their fear better than me, or that they were prophets who knew the future.

But as usual, I had nothing to worry about. They both looked exactly like their photos (except even better looking, if you can believe that!) and the 3D version of them was simply scrumptious! Brenda loves to eat as much as me (and we shared our meals) and even came with homemade gifts for both of us. How thoughtful is this girl? And around 7:30pm each night I'm going to imagine Cate sitting on top of her toilet with her laptop constructing her blog post while her kids are in the bath. It's quite an image isn't it? But these are the things you learn when you meet bloggers in real life.

And in case you're wondering, for all our blogging love, did we remember to take a photograph of the three of us? Nope. Not until Brenda raced out the door did we think about our poor neglected blogs sans photographs of our catch up!

Oh, also we're definitely going to catch up again (even take a proper photo). And we might even open up the invitation a little!

Already, I can't wait.

What did you try new this week? Did you stretch your boundaries or get out of your comfort zone? Did you visit a cool cafe called Birdie Num Nums (like we did) and promptly change it Boobie Bum Bums (thanks to Cate's monkey). I don't think I can ever go there again without calling it that!

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