Wednesday, April 06, 2011



I may or may not have mentioned that this is the year of 40. Friends' birthdays. Cousins' birthdays. My birthday.

Back to this particular friend's birthday... she planned a girls' only lunch on Sunday. Without kids. At Riva. In St Kilda. She wanted no gifts. Mainly because the menu was a teeny bit expensive.

So, for the first time in my life ever, I spent $65 on a two-course meal. And I confess... it was worth every penny.

It wasn't a supersized meal full of average tasting morsels. It was tasty, unusual, delicious and surprisingly light. And the creme caramel? It looked like this:

The best I have ever tasted.

And because I made friends with someone who also doesn't like to miss out, we swapped desserts half way (she ordered the lemon tart, pictured up the top). So, we both were able to sample each other's choice. Oh my!

But the best thing about the lunch was the company. I confess going to an event where I know one person out of seventeen was a little overwhelming. But the loveliness of this friend, the opportunity to get dressed up, and the outing to St Kilda setting was worth getting out of my comfort zone. Plus I went with the right attitude.

And apart from seeing quite a few celebrities at this place, turns out my friend just so happens to have the most fabulous taste in friends too.

So, what did you do new this week? Did you blow your budget on a five-star meal? Or did you step out of your comfort zone in a whole new way?

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