Saturday, April 30, 2011

this saturday i'm grateful for... no washing up

Aah, the longest Easter weekend in years. School holidays. Fantastic weather. This week has been brilliant. And I'm especially grateful for:
  1. No washing up. On the easter weekend our church has its annual camp. But it's more like a state-wide festival with more than two thousand people camping on show grounds. Laid on programs for the littlies, juniors, youth and adults alike. It's awesome. Hubby was a special guest hosting the morning music, cafe live, and a Saturday night concert. He asked if he could bring his family (and backup singer) and the organisers said yes. Highlights for me? Catered meals, no washing up, entertainment for the kids, and my first easter weekend with my husband in four years, which turned out to be a really wonderful holiday. Not to mention inspiring and refreshing.
  2. Easter Egg Hunts. After returning from our weekend away, we went home to an easter egg hunt of a lifetime. The lads were spoilt by their big sisters and after limiting the chocolate intake up until that time, our house is now overflowing with oval shaped chocolates.
  3. Wedding Dresses. Every now and then a wedding dress ought to be pulled out and the cobwebs dusted off. And thanks to Will and Kate's gorgeous nuptials last night, I was able to wear my wedding dress again (more at tomorrow's Fancy Pants). Althought a little tighter than 10 years ago, it still (just) fit. And for those of you who wondered if I would drip gravy from my Yorkshire Puddings on my dress, do not fear. It was all okay. The gravy made it to the inside of my dress instead (and made it even tighter)!
Happy Grateful Day.

What are you grateful for?