Monday, September 19, 2011


So, do I look untouchable in this, or just unfriendly? Probably the latter. I was in a hurry to take these pictures, and the angles are all wrong!

Anyhow, you get the drift (plus you know I'm a nice person, right?).

Besides, the tribal accessories rock! My favourite combo...

And bed hair. Third day without a wash. It does exactly what I tell it to by then!

Lots of chunky wrist accessories...

And a choker I just love!

It feels wrong to be in my suburban back yard in this getup. I'd rather be patting lions on an African Safari.

Speaking of Africa, the black and white bangle is from there (I even think the white panels are made from ivory). A gift from my very first boyfriend's brother while he was on his African adventures, a very loooong time ago. In fact, it was my very first bangle. I love that it has a story to tell after all these years. And it reminds me of a time I spent with the most awesome family.

Do you have a thing for safari type accessories? Have you ever been to Africa? Do you remember your first piece of jewellery?

Thanks for stopping by!

Kymmie wears: MAXI DRESS, JayJays. SHOES, Colarado. CHOKER, Subiaco Markets. BANGLES, (on right wrist), Equip, Diva Just Jeans Gift from Africa (thanks Brett!), Kuranda Markets.