Tuesday, September 06, 2011


Here we are, day two and I've gotten some feedback on what you would wear with a white tee. What a relief! I'm on the right track according to you girls. And I confess, am very relieved!

One thing I've already learnt is to wash the tee earlier in the night instead of wearing it until I go to bed. It was still a little damp this morning, but thank goodness it's linen. It dries quicker than a heavy cotton. The other thing I've learnt is to take a photograph early in the morning when I'm fresh, instead of the end of the day when I'm buggered.

Off to the pool for the lads' swimming classes, then to kinder...

Do you layer your tees?

Thanks for stopping by!

Kymmie wears: TEE, Witchery. STRIPED TOP, JeansWest. JEANS (I cut them off last year when the knee wore out), JeansWest. SHOES, Rivers. FLOWER BROOCH, Equip. CUFF (on left wrist), Jag.CUFF (on right wrist), Bali. FACE, Mascara/Blush/Lip gloss (yes, I made more of an effort today.)