Friday, September 02, 2011

this saturday i'm grateful for... nut milk

It's been such a sunshiney week, that it's literally made me happy. Not wanting to work at all, but instead just sit out in the sunshine. It's made me happy (even though I have a crapload of backlog next week). This week I'm grateful for...
  1. Nut milk. I made nut milk today thanks to this gorgeous girl. And as well as a few other culinary delights in the kitchen, I now feel 'at one with Mother Earth'. (Oh, and it tastes really good, earthy even.)
  2. Thanking my maker. Each night my boys are visited by a ghost who spends a lot of time adoring their sleeping faces. Okay, it's really me stalking my children before I go to bed. But still, is there anything better than watching your babies breathing quietly surrounded by their favourite toys (and possibly on the floor), and giving thanks to our maker for them?
  3. I love you's. This week the boys have been a bit sick, and a bit Not Quite Right. That means extra cuddles for mummy and lots of "I love you's". And I love that when they're old enough, they say it first. Fills the cockles of my heart.
What are you grateful for this week? Pop on over to the lovely The Beetle Shack for Maxabella Loves... (just this week) for more lovely gratefuls.