Thursday, September 08, 2011


While this all white look is so fresh, crisp and all the rage this spring, it's not for the fainthearted. Or for anyone who puts their scraps in the compost bin, or refills their tomato sauce bottle, or who might be a bit clumsy, or works with dirt, or has children...

Most people, actually.

Because when I took out the scraps and refilled the tomato sauce bottle (yes, I was doing those things in this outfit), I was kind of On Edge. You know, worried about all that leftover food or bright red getting on my Cricket Whites.

Because last time I wore an all white suit (before I had children, obviously), it was at a friend's special 'do. Hor'devours in the garden, formal dinner by the ocean, that sort of thing. By the first round of canopes, I had red grape juice on my sleeve, and bright green pesto on my light pink blousy top. And when soup was served, I leaned over for the salt, and put my whole sleeve in it. (Did I mention it was pumpkin?)

I was a class act that day.

So, as a result, this look is not entirely for me. (Heck. I didn't even wear white on my wedding day.)

But I'm giving it a shot and have napi-san ready to go at, say, around 9.25am.

Anyhow, who cares about how much washing I'll have by mid-morning when the day is this beautiful? Happy Spring Thursday!

Will you brave the all white look this season?

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