Friday, September 09, 2011


So glad you've popped over here from Maxabella Loves... I'm one honoured chickie who is super excited to host this week for Bron who's having a little blogiday.

Now, if you were here in real life, you could join in on the gobbling up that's been going on nearby here, because it's Food Club weekend! We made (and ate) lots of scrumptious finger food, and because you couldn't physically be here, I'm bringing the food to you.

And so apart from Food Club (which is always at the top of my list), I'm especially grateful for...

  1. The word "no". It must be Open Season - that time of year where lots of important volunteer jobs need to be filled for 2012. In the past week, there have been far too many requests come this way. While I'm so flattered, I find it hard to say "no". Firstly, because I know that that person has to ask a few Someone Elses before someone accepts, Secondly, I'm one enthusiastic energy bunny, but mostly because I like to please. But Hubby (who is the world's greatest reality check) has helped me to discover a new word. And you know what? Saying "no" is easier than I thought it would be. (And gets better with practice.)
  2. Eva Cassidy. When one of my closest friends visited last weekend she came loaded with a gift (because it may or may not be someone's birthday soon). It was an Eva Cassidy CD which I've pretty much played over and over this week. Because, it might just be the best CD ever! It gives me voice envy like never before and I might put in a request to the fairy godmother if I could be naturally, er "blessed" with vocal chords like hers (she grants three wishes, right?).
  3. Fuel. As I headed home from Food Club tonight, I noticed the fuel light in hubby's car was on. Now you see I was rushing to get home because I was late for a very important date (um, gratefuls!). I promptly called hubby to ask how long the light had been on to which he replied, "a very long time". And you wouldn't believe it. As I pulled into the driveway at home the car started to chug, making me extra grateful that I'm not on the side of a dark road waiting in the freezing cold and rain for roadside assistance right now. (Plus, I'd rather be home reading your gratefuls!)

Happy Grateful Day.
What are you grateful for this week?
Join in with Maxabella loves (and me).

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