Sunday, April 21, 2013


If miracles don't exist, then why is it that today I had the best sleep in a girl could ever ask for? Perhaps my husband is an angel (or perhaps I was a complete ogre). But he fed the kids breakfast and I slept in until 9am. It was glorious!

Then my ogre-self encouraged my husband to take the kids out so I could have a little kid-break. Which he did. I can't remember now, but I might have mentioned Father Of The Year in the same sentence. And off they went.

In the silence, I wondered how I was going to spend one glorious hour alone. It took no more than a minute to mull over the possibilities, and staying home in my jammies was not one of them. The sun was shining and I didn't want to waste it. After all, it's a day where I can actually do my hair and not hide the mess under a baseball cap.

So, in the shower I raced, and then threw on some clothes so I could be one with the outdoors. There was a farmer's market to peek at, windows to stare through, people to watch, a soy chai latte in a cafe somewhere with my name on it and the weekend paper to be read (hence the reading glasses).

So, I was out the door in ten minutes flat. That gave me almost an hour of window shopping, people watching, enjoying the loveliest chai I ever had an opportunity to sip, and reading some fascinating stories in the weekend extra. When I returned home, I felt so rested, more human, and then did the same for my husband. He then enjoyed trawling through a few secondhand bookshops and came back with a pile of new reading. While I love that we can give each other the break we need, it would be nice to do these things together. Soon. Soon.

The jury is in: today was good. Oh, and those bluestones in the background? They're going to build something beautiful in the very near future.

How good at you at throwing something on so that you don't miss out on life? How do you spend those rare moments when you are child-free? Do you take turns like we do?

BOOTS, Betts.
GLASSES, Specsavers.
RINGS, Irish market + personalised ring from Tildys.
SCARF, Pash.
SATCHEL, Thrifted.

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