Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Clockwise from main compartment: macadamia + pesto pasta salad with parmesan | grapes | apple sauce + carrot sticks | chicken crimpy biscuits | assorted non-gelatine jellies.

Clockwise from main compartment: cheese + sauce sandwich (because, why not?) | strawberries + blueberries | apricot + choc chip cake (oh my!) | BBQ rice snacks | mini easter eggs.

Clockwise from main compartment: tomato + mayo toasted muffin | seedless grapes | date + LSA breakfast muffin | yoghurt + honey | Babybel cheese with rice snacks | mini easter eggs.

Clockwise from main compartment: noodles with tuna, tomato + cheese | sliced nectarines | apple sauce with sour cream rice crisps | candy cane | pretzels.

Clockwise from main compartment: Tuna, tomato + mayo on sourdough | grapes | apricot + choc chip cake | sliced cucumber| cheese stick | marshmallow.

For Christmas my lads received a Planetbox each. And they love them. Weeks after Christmas, they were carrying them around, over their shoulders like a stylish accessory. It took a while for me to get use to smaller portions and more compartments, but now I love it!

All it takes is a different mind set. Nowadays, I focus on the food pyramid and start with the fresh foods first: one serving each of fruit and vegetables, some dairy/protein/calcium, a main event, and a special treat. Before the adjustment, it took a while to fill all the spaces, but now all the healthy options are thought about first, there's never any room for all the things I imagined I'd put in there! I'm sure perhaps I could do better, healthwise (we all could, couldn't we?), but I want my kids to be excited by their lunch too.

And I think they are. Because lunch is always checked before they shut their lunchboxes. "Looks good, Mum!" my eldest usually says.

The telltale sign? A completely empty lunchbox at the end of the school day.

What have you packed in your lunchbox recently?