Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Clockwise from the main compartment: wholemeal sandwiches with vegetarian sausages + tomato sauce | Babybel cheese + peanut butter cornflake biscuit | grapes | sliced cucumber | dried apricots.

Clockwise from the main compartment: tuna + tomato mountain wrap |
Chocolate + date brownie with Babybel cheese | sliced pear | BBQ rice snacks | Butter menthol.
Clockwise from the main compartment: curried egg sandwich | cheese corn chips | apricot + choc chip cake | guacamole | grapes | crunchy pumpkin seed biscuit.

Clockwise from the main compartment: cheese + tomato toasted muffin | apple slices | peanut butter + cornflake biscuits | sliced cucumber | blueberries.

 Clockwise from the main compartment: nutmeat + sauce on wholemeal | nectarine slices | healthy anzac biscuit + yoghurt with maple syrup | Snakos in BBQ | dried apricots.

 Clockwise from the main compartment: vegetarian pizza | date + linseed sesame seeds + almond breakfast muffin, yoghurt with honey | grapes | sliced cucumber + carrots | mini easter eggs.

As I have said before, these have to be the best lunchboxes I've ever had the pleasure of packing. They're metal, they stay cool, don't break, and should last until the kids are, say, 80. My lads were so excited when they received them, and I admit being quite excited using them. Everything looks super appealing against the stainless steel, and the sections make lunch full of variety.

The magnets and packaging are so great, I wish I had one for lunch too! The kids carried around their lunchboxes for a whole week after they received them at Christmas time, they were that special. I admit to being kinda smug because my husband thought the lunchboxes was a terrible gift. Not so, apparently!

And here's how I packed them last week. So much fun in a box!

What do you pack in your kids' lunchboxes?