Tuesday, April 09, 2013


Becoming a member at the local DVD shop, booking the kids into swimming school during the holidays, and obtaining a library card were few of the things we did to feel more like locals this week. Madison sang at the local retirement village on a school excursion, was saying g'day to school buddies on the main street, and I was even acknowledging a few ladies from around the traps.

Yes, this is feeling less like a holiday and more like a place where we live.

Being a local has its good points: we're feeling more at home and becoming more familiar with our surroundings. But then the con is that it's feeling less like a holiday. I guess, we have to take the good with the not so bad, right?

One of the highlights was having our one of our big sisters come and stay with us for four days over the Easter break. During her precious few holidays, she came to help us renovate. Now, isn't that that the sweetest thing?

| Rock skipping at Pea Soup Beach; making Easter crafts; renovations are coming along slowly - we've been putting in some late nights; making Easter crafts; hanging out with big sister Leah; Standing on the fence chatting to our neighbours is their favourite pastime; instagramming on the beach; visiting the Big Guns; my handsome husband; more funny faces. |