Thursday, April 11, 2013


The photos prove it: there has been a plethora of cooking in our little beach cottage. During the Easter long weekend, my step-daughter Leah and I were in the kitchen talking about this very thing; why do we want to cook so much? We decided it was a mixture of a few things: therapy, the need to use food up to make more space (it's pretty cramped in here), or the holiday vibe. But one thing is certain: there is the desire to spend more time in the kitchen, and try new things.

Like on Saturday night, we stuffed potatoes; went through the fridge and put just about everything and anything in. (They were delicious.) There was this fish the neighbours had given us and I wanted to make a kid friendly meal. A short visit to google ("Kid Friendly Fish") and I had a meal the family were actually excited about. And unlike when I'm at home, I'm always trying to empty the fridge and pantry to make more room. Also, I stick with the familiar recipes, rather than experimenting.

It seems when I'm not cleaning, moving stones, dirt, timber or tools, it feels like I need to be preparing for the next meal. Because putting the kids in the bath and cleaning up the renovating mess usually coincides with dinner, and it usually means that I should have done one of the above things sooner. Besides, baking is something I can do with the kids, that also serves a purpose. So, preparations begin for dinner or tea, or a treat for lunchboxes; perhaps even dessert.

Whatever it is, there is usually something baking in our little lean-to kitchen, filling the cottage with warm comfort smells, and plenty of love.

| Pancakes with maple syrup, berries + yoghurt; caramelising bananas; sprinkles + marinated feta on our salad; apricot + choc chip cake (best recipe ever, Brooke!); miso fish (freshly caught by our neighbours) with cashew, raisin soy rice + vegetables; caramel filled chocolate easter egg muffins with peanut butter.  |