Wednesday, September 27, 2006

can I backdate?

Hmmm, since I started this blog it's been 3 months without a new posting! So much for uploading regular installments. I guess this means I will have to work backwards. But for now a brief update is definitely in order.

I started this blog when I was still in Adelaide, South Australia just after the birth of Madison. My best friend Janine inspired me as she wanted regular updates on Madison when I returned to PNG. Well, the idea was just great, except I am still sending emails and not using the blog. New tricks are hard to teach an old dog.

And just so you know, I thought I was good at this technology thing, but it is obvious that my understanding on how to use this blog is limited as I had to go through the help files to remember how to add entries and post pics. How sad :-) Anyway, I am hoping I will get better at this with time... Oh, back to the update:

I am still so smitten by my little one that even in the middle of the night when he is crying and I am tired, all I have to do is look into his cradle and see this little creation my husband and I have made and I just fall in love with him all over again. So, I am still loving motherhood and all the wonderful (and not so wonderful things) that go with it.

For now, baby Madison has just hit the 4 month mark. He is still quite an easy baby, but has discovered the higher range of his vocal chords - otherwise known as squealing. Not so happy with this stepping stone, and Steve and I have tried to convince him that squealing is only for girls. But to no avail, as he is totally ignoring this bit of advice. So, while he is playing, he is happily high-pitched and trying out other new things with his voice.

The other new thing he is doing is this fake cough. I hear it is all part of the discovery phase and so am happy to humour him... but is is funny when he coughs as it sounds so fake! A bit of a laugh really. When I cough back, he laughs - so he knows it's a joke!

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