Saturday, September 30, 2006


Well, I had another birthday yesterday. And despite trying not to think about getting older, birthdays have a way at niggling at you.

Sometimes I wonder where the last 35 years have gone, but when I think more about my life, it has been full and mostly exciting.

I have spent almost four years in Papua New Guinea, three years before that living in the remote Western Desert of Australia, and I have travelled extensively around the eastern states of Australia for work. Travels also include Indonesia, and parts of Europe. I have met many people and experienced wonderful and difficult times. It's hardly been boring.

But now I am in a new phase of life called motherhood, and I do confess to enjoying this new chapter. I have never been more tired, exhausted and busy, but it's been the most rewarding experience ever.

One of the biggest changes in my life as a result of motherhood is the fact that my life is not as important as the little bundle in which I spend most of my day looking after and nurturing. In fact, I realised that since Madison was born, I have barely had time to look in the mirror to fully assess the aging process. (Now, there's a confession). But yesterday, upon closer inspection those lines are making their way deeper into the eye sockets, brow and mouth area. But with surprise I was not disappointed.

I like that my face is showing the character of a person who has experienced life to its fullest. The wrinkles around my eyes show the many afternoons spent in the hot desert sun on outing with the "Karalundi Kids" in the bush. The dark shadows under them is evidence that I have a little one dependent on me for EVERYTHING. The wrinkles in my brow remind me that life is full of worries and troubles for all of us and will continue to haunt our lives. The smile lines are from the many special moments I have had with precious family and friends, and the times my face has been pulled by tissues when life has dealt its horrid blows.

Yes, this face is looking older, but it is like a book that can be read, discovered and ready to tell many an adventure.

And when I get time to look at it again, I will see what new stories it has to tell.

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  1. What a great post - I stumbled on your blog and at age 35, I feel a lot like you did back in 2006! Here's to future phases of life. Alison


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