Monday, June 09, 2008

our boy is two

I guess it had to happen: our boy turned two in May. And I would sound like every other mother who says how quickly the time flies, and how I can't believe he is two already.

But I AM a mother, and so will agree wholeheartedly to all the other things that mothers say too.

Some of the highlights of the past year have included being able to have great conversations with him now, giving him instructions which he now can do perfectly, and of course, the best bit where they still love you unconditionally.

Isn't it the best? And I believe it gets better as it happens for a few more years yet.

So to celebrate unconditional love and all the best bits, we had professional photos taken on the boy's birthday - which really was a milestone for more than just him. Why it's our girls' that have also made pretty important steps too - Kelly has recently turned 21, and Leah 18. Big steps for everyone.

And the photos will be there for us to remember forever this moment. And as Kelly said, "I want us to be this way forever".

Wouldn't it be nice?


  1. Madison is just such a cute lad! I gather you were able to narrow down your selections to the required number of pics? I don't envy that decision process. I'm an I want it all type of girl!! LOL!

  2. Hey Kym!! - it's Annalise. I got the blog address from mum. Madi is growing up sooo fast!! I showed a friends of mine a pic of him, and they said how cute he was 'especially his hair' - lol. I love you Madi!! And you Kym!! <(^_^)> Oh, I might be coming to Melbourne in August to see Rhianna for her baptism/birthday. It's at Lilydale on August 9. I can't wait to see her again. I'm probably coming down with Gran and Grandad for the week, so we don't have to pay for an airfare, and they're staying at Grandma and Grandpa's place, so I'll be with them. Is Madi gonna be there on the Wednesday?? That would be so cool to see you guys again, too! :) I gtg. Luv you all... Annalise xxx

  3. Happy birthday Maddy! Time flies hey!


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