Thursday, August 14, 2008

a new addiction?

My Wrapping Desk

My very first card - for my cousin's little baby girl Tilda Kelly.

My second card - for my dear friend Mish who turned 30 this week.

My third card - for my step-brother who just became a daddy for the first time. He thinks his son is the most beautiful thing on earth.

My best friend will be so proud - I think I have a scrapbooking addiction.

You see, it was she who has been working on me for around four years now. And her hard work and scrapbooking gifts have finally paid off.

But it's not really officially scrapbooking though.

Because I have other friends who are big into Wrapping Rooms - you know, rooms that are filled with pretty papers, cards, ribbons and set up like a little shop for gift wrapping. One very creative and talented friend even has a clipping on her fridge of her dream Wrapping Room - it's to die for. And I wanted a Wrapping Something. And because we aren't flush with space in our house, a desk was all I had.

Did I mention that I love wrapping paper? And if I find something I really love, I buy it. Simply because it's pretty. And these treasures lie around with no home and I don't really use them because they're not in a space where I can see them (and usually I buy something else with the gift). So it was time I became more organised.

On top of this, I find it crazy paying $5-8 for a card. Just a card. And there's nothing more personal than a hand-made one. This was my compromise to scrapbooking: creative stuff in a smaller format. And something I could justify.

So, with my new desk 'space' - a lovely old desk that my hubby lovingly crafted in our formal lounge - has been converted. Glass jars filled with ebellishments, rolls of wrapping paper bundled together, and ribbons in vases. Oh I am indeed inspired and in heaven.

Now I confess I am no natural and there may be a little way for this amateur to go before she can sell her cards for money. But I've been wanting a hobby apart from blogging, Facebook and cleaning, and this could well fill that creative gap.

I madly created two cards and two tags in one night. And that night I dreamt of all the other things I could create. Is this where the obsession starts? Is this what happens to fellow scrapbookers? It's becoming clearer what this addiction involves...


  1. your wrapping desk is delightful! I love the shabby chic homewares you have adorning it! Sooooo glad you have started this little bit of fun. Hmmmm....obsession developing.....definately! You know you are completely OCD when you go shopping with your best friend and spend over $100 on paper goods (like napkins) when you should have been clothes shopping! It's the fulfillment that comes with finishing a project that makes you dream up the next one. One of the rare things in our lives that are not "undone" at the end of the day.

  2. Oh's a steep and slippery slope from here!! I too resisted the scrapping urge - until I had Sam. I then madly scrapped for about 12 months...then the wheels fell off and I haven't touched it in over a year! I now have a cupboard FULL of beautiful scrapping stuff and I feel guilty every time I look at it. Maybe I'll get back to it again now that I have 2 new (and adorable) subjects to scrap.

    Maybe my problem is I don't have a desk like yours - I could see myself sitting down and just staring at the jars in awe. Sigh. It really is beautiful!

  3. You know Lindy is not going to be impressed. She thinks any kind of these scrappy crafty type activities are akin to membership to a cult!!

    I, however, applaud you. Well done and happy scrapping.

    Leonie xox

    P.S. I have had to resort to digital scrapbooking as all my supplies are in the shipping container!

  4. So ... how much do you charge per card, and how do I place my first order?


Thank you for your thoughtful and positive words and taking the time to comment. Love Kymmie. xx