Thursday, February 09, 2012


It was only five years ago that we moved back to Australia to live. Madison was just 6 months old. It feels like an eternity, and yet just yesterday he was crawling around this very verandah.

Wasn't he?

Last week, he stood on the same verandah, in a uniform, ready for his very first day of school.

How did we get here already?

It was a day that we knew was coming. After all, the whole summer holiday was spent talking about the upcoming changes in his life. In our lives.

We went to orientation days. We read books about the first day of school. We talked about what it would be like. We gave him time to ask questions and get use to the idea.

So, we thought he was prepared.

But the Big Day came, and he wouldn't get out of bed. His favourite breakfast of poached eggs and toast was getting cold on the kitchen table. And yet he still wouldn't leave his bedroom.

He had to be dressed. All the while he cried and said he didn't want to go.

I felt angry (could he struggle any harder to get dressed?). I felt sad (couldn't he be excited about this?). My heart broke for him (couldn't we could wait another year to do this?).

By the time he had eaten his breakfast, packed his lunch, brushed his teeth and hair, he had resigned himself that school was going to happen. Whether he liked it or not.

He was even smiling as we walked outside. Anxious. Almost excited.

He chatted nervously as we walked to school. So much like his mother, talking about silly things, just to keep from thinking about the obvious. He held my hand so tight and never let it go. So much like his father, shy and scared of new siutations and big changes.

I'm not going to say that leaving him at school was easy. Because it wasn't.

I'm not going to tell you that he said, "It's okay mum, you can go now." Because he didn't.

But he did make it through the day. And the next one. And the one after that.

In fact, tomorrow it's been a week since he started.

Already I can see the positive changes. Keen to leave for school in the mornings. Being less clingy as I leave. Making new friends. Loving his teacher. Coming home and talking about his day. Even singing all the new songs he's learnt.

Turns out, he's going to be alright after all.


  1. He is as gorgeous as his Mummy! It is funny how quickly five years seems to have gone huh? Doo Dah is in the same boat (although after two weeks at school now he is a pro!). I hope you are coping well x

  2. Oh Kymmie, my heart broke a little reading that first part, it is SO hard being a parent sometimes. But, I am very happy to hear things are on the up. All it takes is familiarity the majority of the time and the rest falls into place :o)
    Madison is the most handsome young man, looks so much like his beautiful Mama in these shots xo

  3. Oh Kymmie. Yes time flies. And yes, everything is going to be ok :-)

  4. I feel your pain Kymmie, our eldest did exactly same thing last year in prep. We were so sure he was ready but come the time to go to school and he became a shy, clingy little boy. It didnt take long for him to settle in and get into the swing of things. Your gorgeous little man will be fine. And so will you xx

  5. I can just imagine how stressful it is for you. But my, oh my, how cute is Madison in those pictures! Sigh!

  6. Gee, he looks like you, Kymmie!

    He'll be OK... and so will you :)

  7. My kids are now in their twenties.
    Yet I still remember...

  8. Oh it's been a BIG week round these parts too. I feel EXACTLY the same did it get here so quick? A timely reminder when I am deep in a shitty period with Harper. Hope the rest of the term goes well x

  9. It wasn't until I got to the end and exhaled loudly that I realised that I'd been holding my breath all the way through this post.

    It's such a joy to learn that you've all made this transition with some wonderful lightness thanks to your care, a great teacher and a little boy who 'can do'.

    Sending big celebratory hugs and heel taps your way,
    xx F

  10. What a shame the nerves got the better of him.
    sounds like his settled in just fine though.
    we've been through the same thing this week, but I did hold my daughter back so she's just turned six and was pretty desperate to start. She's already made her mark well and truly. If you feel like a laugh check out my post today! lol. I'm sure each day will make it easier and easier. Well that's why I tell myself anyway.

  11. So grown up, lovely pics....where does the time go, my twins..15 now and in year 10 at school it was only yesterday that they went of to kindy :(

  12. Relief! Seriously, is there anything more stressful???

    I'm so glad he's going okay. It's a huge weight off your mind and your heart. x

  13. I started my second one last week. She's going pretty well thankfully. We had many night time wake ups with tears about school over the summer holidays and I think that go it out of her system. Hope your little man grows more confident by the day. They are still so young - it's a lot for them to get used to. Well done mummy!!

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  15. oh sweetheart! what an eventful first day for your little man! They are sensitive souls aren't they! I'm thrilled he did ok...perhaps it was the fear of the unknown. well done to you mumma too! We are now school mums! Argh!!! xx


Thank you for your thoughtful and positive words and taking the time to comment. Love Kymmie. xx