Sunday, February 12, 2012


In keeping with St Valentine's tradition, I thought I would wear the Colour Of Hearts for this week's Fancy Pants. Excited by the vision, I then visited my wardrobe to discover that in order to wear bright reds and pinks, you actually need to own them.

On closer inspection of my wardrobe, I unearthed something I'd not noticed before. Turns out I live in khakis, jeans and black pants. And orange. Lots of orange.


And seeing I'm not buying anything new this year, it's going to have to be a visit or two to my local Op Shop for that splash of colour for days like these. Or I might just wait 11 more months...

This is going to have to suffice though. My usual autumn neutrals with a splash of red. Oh, and silver. The shoes and ring are silver.

And the red lippie to distract from tired eyes.

I know, I know. I'm just like every other woman in the world who doesn't get enough sleep. I think I say to my husband EVERY night, I'm going to bed early. Gosh, if I'd had a minute's sleep in exchange for that very comment, I would be very well rested. The Beauty Sleep would be had, and I'd have much less to complain about. (Not to mention less tired bits.)

But I digress... don't you just love this top? It's a loose knit top (and the photos don't do it justice). It's quite see-through, and so the top you wear underneath changes the whole look. Today, it's just white, but I love a bright (yep, you guessed it - orange) top to go underneath. Psychedelic!

The large weave, though, isn't exactly practical for a mother of two boys under five. They just love to put their velcro shoes onto it, or pull it with their plastic, sharp toys (an extra thank you my son's Transformers!). Luckily it bounces back with a simple re-thread from the inside and a wash. Voila! (Pretty and practical - so many reasons to love it, really!)

So, back to Valentine's Day... do you think it's a day for the Very Young? Or do you still 'do' Valetine's Day with dinner, chocolates and roses?

I confess that Hubby and I don't tend to make a fuss. (Besides, when do you need red roses, when you have so many bright red tomatoes in the garden just waiting to become tomato sauce, or pasta sauce, or tomato chutney?) Seems like our date on Valentine's Day will be in our kitchen cooking up a storm.

Are you a big celebrator of Valentine's Day? When was your last anonymous Valentine's Day card?

Thanks for stopping by.

Kymmie wears: KNIT, Witchery. SINGLET & LINEN PANTS, Giordano. SANDALS, Target. NECKLACE, Equip. RING, Diva.

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  1. I can relate to the lack of color in the wardrode. I own black, grey, white and browns. I think it is my lack of desire to take time in the morning to put an outfit together. This way I can just grap any old thing and it is likely to match. The funny thing is, I love color.

    As for Valentines day...with three teens it's almost impossible to find time. We did try to make time tonight to go out for dinner but mistakenly included the kids. More on that to come. Anyway, as my husband has always said, we don't need a special day of the year to tell each other "I love you."

  2. I've never been a V-Day fan - unsurprising for a true romantic like me. Your outfit is gorgeous, though, and the red lips are detracting well! x

  3. I have to confess K that my eye kept getting distracted from you to your garden.

    Both good looking, both very Valentinish, both gorgeous in their own way.

    Happy hug!

  4. I love your mesh top. You are Valentine-perfect, Kymmie. As for V-day here, sometimes we celebrate it the traditional way. Sometimes we ignore it. It all depends on husband's plan, I guess.

  5. Looking gorgeous!! Loving the red lips. I so wish I could do the red lips. I think I need to keep trying to find the right shade. I've just painted my nails with the red polish I bought when Mr G and I got engaged three years ago. That's my little homage to Valentine's Day, as it marks our five year official anniversary, so yes, we do celebrate it! xx

  6. I do love this outfit Kymmie, it looks so comfortable.
    We don't tend to celebrate V-Day either.

  7. Well I think your Valentines Day outfit is just gorgeous anyway... pinks/reds or not. Love the red beads and lipstick though. You look beautiful for a tired Mama, but I totally know what you mean. It kinda sucks too, when you go to bed late, but are up half the night with restless kidlets as well :o/
    And no, we made an executive decision not to do Valentines Day a few years ago. Mind you, we check with each other each year to confirm that the pact still stands... don't want any disappointment at the eleventh hour xo

  8. I don't own any reds, either. I love pink and magenta (which is kind of odd for someone who is not a girly-girl) but I feel comfortable in pink. Red washes me out!

    As for Valentine's Day - Husband and I don't make a fuss. I mean, it's a Tuesday, so it's hard to get into the spirit on an ordinary Tuesday. I got him a really cute card. I'm sure he hasn't even thought about it yet ;)

  9. You look lovely. I only have one red shirt and it isn't weather appropriate. I am wearing it anyway with a sweater. Not the cutest look... Yours on the other hand is divine. Yes! I do love that shirt ;).

  10. Cute outfit!!
    Xo, Layla
    Please follow ;)

  11. I love your outfit Kymmie. I think I have one piece of red article in my closet, maybe two?

  12. ah me and hubby are very anti valentines day...our anniversary is only a few weeks prior anyway and this year we did no cards, no pressies, just us two and a cuddle and a private little congrats. I do love how you work the neautrals though....and love the red lips and red tomatoes too! xx

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Thank you for your thoughtful and positive words and taking the time to comment. Love Kymmie. xx