Friday, May 25, 2012


Three years ago, Madison had just turned three and Noah had just been born.

You see, my boys' birthdays are three years and only two days apart. Noah was due on Madison's birthday, but decided to arrive two days early. And so, my waters broke while I was finishing cleaning the house. It was the weekend of Madison's birthday and we planned a family party on the Sunday. My husband was on the way to the airport to pick up our eldest daughter. His car had overheated and they had to stop near the zoo to let it cool down. My gorgeous neighbour Trish ended up taking me to the hospital as I had to get there ASAP. We all met up there an hour or so later, and labour began. Leah, our second eldest had left earlier that day for her winter stint at Mt Buller. On hearing of the baby's imminent arrival, she drove the three hours needed to come straight back home.
Seven hours later, Noah arrived by emergency caesarian, Kelly had taken Madison home for some much needed rest, and Steve caught a taxi home when we were safely tucked back in our hospital beds.

I sat in the early hours of the morning in the quiet and the dark with my newborn sleeping next to me. I was exhausted, but deliriously happy. Here was my perfect baby, all safe and sound next to me. We hadn't parted since he was born. With Madison three years earlier, I had gone into recovery and wondered the whole time if I would recognise my baby when I next saw him. This time, I made sure that didn't happen again.
In the next few days, it's funny the things that go through your mind:
  1. Are newborns babies really this small? (How quickly you forget).
  2. Are toddlers really that big? (How funny that your other baby looks so big and grown up once you have a new baby).
  3. Oh yes, labour was that bad. I really hadn't forgotten. The need for another baby was just that strong.
  4. And yes, breastfeeding does hurt. (Just after the pain of labour, it's all relative.)
  5. I just can't help it. On day three I just feel teary over everything. It's all so overwhelming. Like looking at two car seats in your car. (Makes me want to burst into tears just thinking about it).
Three years later, and I'm reminiscing. I look back and wouldn't change one single thing. Every day these lads bless our lives with so much.

Recently, a friend and his wife had their sixth baby. When she was born, his Facebook status remarked at how amazing his wife was throughout the labour, and then he said, "Funnily enough I didn't feel like shouting, 'Thank random biological processes in a mindless universe.'"

That's the thing about life. Once a baby is born, it's hard not to believe in a miracle. I like to thank God for my two little miracles and for my amazing, and beautiful family. There is so much for which I am grateful.

What are you grateful for this week?


  1. Oh Kymmie! Love this post. Goodness, it brings back memories for me, too. Happy birthday to your two little chaps. Well done you on coping with their birthdays being so close together. I find the 2 weeks between Joshie and India enough! J x

  2. wow Kymmie - what a beautiful preggy picture of you - although i knew that you would always look beautiful pregnant! i often reminisce about my pregnancies and subsequent different, so unique in their own way...just like my two children are so unique and different...but the love is instant and ever lasting hey! Happy birthday to your beautiful boys...what delightful young men you are raising and what confident and inspired adults they will grow up to be....happy birthday boys! xxxx

  3. Kymmie this is the most gorgeous post! Love your words. And that first image is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing xx

  4. Your beautiful, beautiful babies. Happy birthday to them both, and happy birth day to you, my lovely!! x

  5. Day 3 crazy hormone sadness, that's the part I remember most from my tumble into parenthood. I have never felt so emotional in. my. life.

  6. Oh Kymmie, I love this post so so much. Thank you for sharing your beautiful story. The photos are just divine, warmed my heart looking at those. I think your little Noah could quite possibly be the most stunning looking newborn I've ever seen... and I thought my boys were gorgeous, haha!
    Happy Birthday to your adorable boys and well done to you Mama, for everything you have been to them and your family xoxo

  7. How beautiful, happy birthday to your boys

  8. How lovely it is to reminisce. That pregnant pic of you is so so beautiful. P.S I remember the third day after birth well - teary doesn't cover it for me (both times) - an absolute mess is an apt description for me.

  9. .grateful for? well, since you are talking babies, i will say baby dimples. chubby elbows, .......
    and sleep!!!!!

  10. Oh Kymmie. This is just beautifully written. What beautiful blessings children are.

  11. This is such a lovely post, Kymmie. And what a beautiful preggy pic you have there. I am jealous I have not taken a nice shot like that when I was pregnant!


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