Monday, May 07, 2012


"Why can't the kids be ready every day by 8:15am?"

"My husband is SO going to die of a brain tumor with that mobile permanently attached to his head. And why is he on a work call at seven in the morning?"

"Do you think the Other School Mums will notice I haven't had a shower or done my hair today?"

"And look. More weeds. Why can't they just stop growing?"

"Noah would have made the prettiest girl."

What goes on in your head during the day?


  1. LOL, Noah makes a pretty girl, but an even HANDSOME boy!
    My head would just be filled with this "gah, I don't have enough chocolate to deal with this!!!"

  2. So much some days it makes me dzzy. Right now I'm wondering why this comment box is to tiny I can't read what I'm writing and how do I make it bigger again????

  3. My head and your head could have quite an amazing conversation I think!

    And Noah is too pretty to be a pretty girl... x

  4. Ah what a great photo Kymmie!!

    My head is pretty silent, thank goodness :-)

  5. Oh my goodness, he SO would have made the prettiest girl... I often think the same about Felix... could have to do with the fact that I occasionally stick my hairclips in his hair, just for fun, haha.
    Amazing the things swimming around in our heads isn't it. I love that you wrote them down Kymmie. I'd be concerned to write down some of the things I ponder, they may not translate well into actual words xo

  6. I totally understand! My Internal dialogue drives me so very batty quite a lot of the time! X

  7. Hah!

    My thoughts: 'don't lean in to close to Monsieur because you haven't cleaned your teeth yet.'

    'Why does Sapphire have to wake up grumpy when nothing bad's happened to her yet?'

    'Do I have to wear eye make up just because every single other woman I know in the entire world is?'

    'What on earth am I going to cook for dinner?'

    'Love Chunks cooks delicious meals six nights a week but what am I going to cook tonight?'

    And 'where does all this dog hair come from - she's only twelve kilos!'

  8. I had a traumatic day Kymmie. Nothing but negative self-talk today! I can't wait to meet you one day. We will have the best fun together x

    PS Your Noah is just gorgeous but ever so masculine

  9. Oh this made me laugh! I am thinking " why are the kids toys multiplying? Can I get away with doing nothing until 5 mins before everyone gets home, I wish someone would get me a bowl of ice cream!" Found your lovely blog via a little space like home. Look forward to exploring some more!

  10. A lot of the words in my head each day must remain there!! Not really fit for putting pen to paper at times! LOL! I tried to explain to Lachlan the other day as he ranted on in a fit of range (including punching walls) that if I did not control half the thoughts and feelings that went through my head each day, I would not be fit to be a mother! So glad that we can filter the process!

  11. Lovely photo! It's all a bit of mush in my head at the moment. Having trouble trying to think if there have been words in my head lately, it has all been vague.... Baby mbrain eat your heart out!


Thank you for your thoughtful and positive words and taking the time to comment. Love Kymmie. xx