Saturday, October 20, 2012


I have a terrible confession to make. It's been almost two months since I blogged. And it's been even longer since I wrote a grateful post.

Somehow my life is not as wonderful as when I'm being grateful. Sure, I'm still grateful, but writing it down makes it feel so much more celebrated, so much more real. And so I want to say that this week I'm grateful for blogging, and even more grateful for the time I have to blog today. My husband has taken the lads out this afternoon and I have some glorious me time.

It's so rare, but oh, so lovely!

And when I have time to spare? Blogging is one of the things I truly love to do!

What are you grateful for?

I'm joining in at Kidspot's Village Voices.


  1. YAY for "me time" and welcome back. :)

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  3. So glad you got some time to blog! Glad to see you back x

  4. I do agree Kymmie..things are much more real and better when we state our gratitude. We all need breaks from blogging but it is nice to come back and find encouragement and inspiration in these lovely posts.

  5. I agree...writing it down really focuses you on the gratitude and makes it more meaningful
    Here's hoping you find more time to do what you love

  6. welcome back gorgeous one! the blogging world is not the same unless your here to play too! I value the lovely community that is blogging and enjoy when i get the time, but sadly it is the first to drop off the list when life gets busy! hope you enjoyed your solitude!!

  7. well, well so good to see you again. I guess I can turn the light off at the door, you are back!

  8. A big cheer for seeing your gorgeous face today! You know I've missed you! x

  9. Welcome back, Kymmie. I've missed reading your blog along with Maxabella's, Carol's and all our other common blog friends.

    I myself have been gone for a while because of work, books, and travel. Hope to be able to write regularly and visit more frequently very, very soon. Big hug, Kymmie.


Thank you for your thoughtful and positive words and taking the time to comment. Love Kymmie. xx