Sunday, October 21, 2012


Oh, it's a Fancy Pants post. Yes, once upon a time I use to do these every week.

EVERY week, I tell you.

I'm not sure what happened. Because I didn't lose my Blogjo, and I love blogging as much as ever. I just think life got on the way, and the camera was left behind. There's even been the most excellent second hand shop finds to share, but just not enough time to get out the ironing board to put my camera on.

But wait, I really don't have any more excuses. Because my husband bought me a tripod for my birthday! Yes, he's the best, isn't he? No more dragging out the ironing board and balancing my little camera on it for limited angles. I can really be a pro photographer with my little canon ixus instamatic ;)

So, I'm back. And I'm hoping to be a better blogger. Really I am.

And how's this spring weather? It truly is gorgeous. As is my round-puffy-ball tree. Yes, I really don't know its proper name. But it's scrumptious, is it not? So much to love about spring. Including all that fresh colour and lots of white!

Thanks so much for stopping by.

Kymmie wears: PANTS, Portmans. SINGLET, Witchery. TOP, Witchery. SCARF, Myer. HEELS, Zu. BELT, Thrifted (just $1).

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  1. Welcome in the brighter than white fancypants! We always called them 'snowball' trees..I think they're some kind of verbenia.

  2. Oh Kymmie, you're back! I have missed you terribly.
    How wonderful you have a tripod now, gotta love when hubby's buy something so thoughtful and useful like that.
    What a gorgeous outfit for Fancy Pants' return. Those white pants are spectacular, they even appear to have a beautiful glow about them in that first shot. Your lovely tree looks like it has pom-pom's all over it, so cute.
    Hope to see you here more often from now on :) xoxo

  3. You are just so gorgeous! (In the most non weird way possible). I wish I was as funky as you! I've been making a huge effort to buy more patterns, prints, and brighter colours. I've been stuck in the black funk forever and a day.

  4. Wow Kymmie, you look FABULOUS!! Happy to have you and your fancy pants back in front of the camera :)

  5. Lovely to see you again Kymmie! I love your pom pom tree!

  6. So lovely to see your gorgeous smile (and outfit) again. I think it's called a marshmellow tree.

  7. Looking just as gorgeous as ever Kymmie :)

  8. wow! you look hot hot hot...i love a lady in white pants...if i could love and adore you any more i would! smoking hot i tell you! And a tri-pod! fabulous gift Steve!!! well done! And you know, funnily enough i realised that it's been ages since I did a fashion post! hmmm you have me thinking!

  9. Your husband's so sweet. Looking forward to more Fancy Pants posts.


Thank you for your thoughtful and positive words and taking the time to comment. Love Kymmie. xx