Sunday, June 30, 2013


I never get tired of this jacket. I've had it for four years now. It's so warm, comfortable, and neutral - my favourite kind! And these pants - another thrift find from my Buy Nothing New year (in 2012). I must confess, since not buying new things last year, my preference is now popping into the local op shop. I can't help but feel better about spending $6 on a pair of pants, instead of $60 (or more). It seems to work for our family's budget - especially while we renovate. The quality is usually fantastic - either brand new (still with tags on), or near new. My wardrobe options have increased in the last year, instead of decreased like you would expect when not buying anything new.

Time to be a little smug?

Have you tried op-shopping with much success? What is your preferred option - new or recycled?

JACKET, For TwentyOne.
PANTS, Thrifted.
BOOTIES, Miss Shop.
WALLET, Fossil.

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