Sunday, November 10, 2013


Yesterday afternoon my amazing husband was ordained into gospel ministry*. I'm not one to over share about my husband here on my blog (because he is so incredibly private), but I am SO proud of him.

When Steve and I started dating 15 years ago, he had finished studying ministry years before, and had taken a very different path. He was a deputy principal and had taken on two extra degrees for 'fun'. But what a journey we've been on: three years living and working in a remote Aboriginal community, four years in Papua New Guinea and seven years working in Indigenous ministry around Australia. Our life has been filled and blessed more than we could ever imagine. It was such a big day for us, and we want to thank you, our family, friends and work colleagues who have loved, supported, and accepted us as we are. As a friend said yesterday, "you two break the mould". Just goes to show that Jesus uses all kinds to share his life story with others. (Perhaps there isn't a mould after all?)

Highlights of the day included:
  1. A surprise guest who flew from north Queensland to be at the ordination. Thank you Eddie, what an amazing surprise! Another friend of Steve's drove almost two hours to come, and stayed the whole day. He is questioning the existence of God.
  2. Our eldest daughter Kelly who was able to fly in for the day to be with us. Love you!
  3. Our dear friends Bec, Richie, Cathy and Darren coming from Sydney and Perth respectively to hang out with us. Thank you for whizzing in my kitchen and cleaning up after me for two days.
  4. The amazing amount of messages that came in by email, text, phone, and Facebook from friends, family and co-workers.
  5. The amount of friends who came to support us, even those we didn't know. Thank you!
  6. The ordination service was taken by Pastor Lowell Cooper, the vice president of our world church. It was so fitting for us, and so heartfelt and honest.
  7. Gifts. On Wednesday my beautiful neighbour and dear friend Trish asked if she could make a personalised candle for the occasion. It's so beautiful! On Friday my dear friend Leeann dropped in the most beautiful rose bouquet. Every time I walked past it I had to stop and admire it. And it smelt divine. On Saturday I received another beautiful bouquet. My home is full of amazing creations!
  8. The video monitors. Once our boys got over the initial stage fright, they became quite comfortable on the big stage and the cameras that were filming the program. The highlight for them was discovering the video monitors on the stage and realising they could do 'bunny ears' on Dad and see their fingers on the monitor. It was quite the entertainment. Oh, and the Lego they played with too.
  9. The speeches. So many beautiful words were spoken and will be never forgotten.
  10. The open house. After the ordination service, immediate family and a few close friends joined us at our home for a light supper. The evening ended in a giant singalong with Steve playing his guitar. Those memories we will have forever.
I don't share much of my faith here on my blog. Mostly because this is a personal blog, and most people who read it know me and know that God is a BIG part of my life. But this blog is much bigger than my family and friends now. And for those of you who don't know me in real life, I want you to know that if you are struggling with God, don't bother with him or don't believe in him, when you choose him, he gives you more peace than you ever imagined. Forget religion, don't let that put you off. Jesus is better than any example you will find here on earth. What do you have to lose?

*See that tie? You know the day is big when my husband wears a suit. Ordination is recognition by the Church of a person's calling to ministry.

Photos taken by the amazingly effervescent Bec Reid, our coworker and friend Don Fehlberg, and our beautiful girl, Kelly Piez.

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