Sunday, November 17, 2013


There is always a fascination with people who have grown up in Port Fairy. Because we have been quite late in 'discovering' this beautiful town, we just assume that people appreciate it as much as we do.

So when we had a chance to walk around Griffiths Island at Port Fairy with our new friends Adam and Charlotte, I just had to ask. Did you appreciate how amazing your childhood home was?

Our friends' story is so fascinating. He grew up here, she grew up in England. She traveled to Australia to work for a year. They met. And then nine months later he went back with her to England. It wasn't until 18 months ago (and two children later) that they moved back here. And now he has returned, he can now sees how special this place is.

All of us have all done the walk around Griffiths Island many times, but it's so beautiful we never tire of it. Our friends have friends (relatives) in high places, and this meant we were able to take a sneak peak inside the lighthouse. We confess to being very excited. I've never been inside a lighthouse before!

And see the scenery? It changes at every turn. Watch for wallabies, marvel at the crashing waves, be amazed by the shearwater sea birds who travel from the northern hemisphere (that's around 15,000 kilometres folks!) to lay their eggs here (man, they're buggered when they get here, and apparently they aren't so good on land).

The lighthouse is so pretty at the eastern tip. It's built of local bluestone and still sends its light out to sea. These days it's a solar powered light with a wind assisted generator.

We all agreed that the morning walk was the best way to start a weekend. I just soaked in the scenery and wonderful company.

How have you spent this weekend?

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