Sunday, December 22, 2013


Ho ho ho! You thought I had forgotten about this little spot of the world, didn't you? Well, I haven't, but late, late at night I think about all the things I usually enjoy but haven't had time for. And this little spot on the WWW often gets left till last when things are slightly craaazy.

Is it just me, but is the mad frantic stuff is almost over? You know, school concerts, work parties, last minute catch ups, more Christmas dinners than you can poke a stick at? I'm not complaining, no. But I'm looking forward to catching a breath soon. A little nanna nap on Christmas day, perhaps?

One of the things I do enjoy is Food Club. Oh, how I love it. And this weekend we enjoyed a little Christmas finger food at Melissa's place. She always makes her home so warm and Christmassy. And her neighbour has one of the most impressive Christmas light displays you ever did see. So commuting was on the cards as there is just not enough parking space on her street this time of year.

Oh, and here's a little of what we enjoyed at her home filled with people, candles, and tasteful Christmas decorations:

Pesto Cheese blossom
Iced Tea

Quinoa cakes with smoked salmon, shaved asparagus and crème fraiche
Individual sweet potato, mint and goats cheese tartlets
Cucumber tuna bites
Loaded potatoes
Mini bean salads with basil dressing
Chilled mulled wine

Mini Dulce de leche (posh caramel) ice creams
Lemon curd polenta tarts
Chocolatey chocolate cake
Egg nog

It was delicious!

I'm hoping there's a little time for more December posts, unless I overindulge in photo-taking when we head to the beach in a few more sleeps!

How have you spent your busy December? I know it's been busy. Don't you wish our school year started in June like the northern hemisphere? Less end of year concerts and break up events, don't you think?

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