Monday, December 09, 2013


It's the time of year to become all reflective and sentimental, to think about how the year started, and where we are now. I can't help it: when I look at my kids, I can't believe that they've grown bigger quicker than I ever dreamed. Madison has a mouthful of adult teeth, and an attitude to match. Noah starts four year old kinder next year and is as tall as a school boy. They've become their own people (oh heck, they always were, but just more so now).

So here we are: December. Time to decorate the tree, spend time with family and friends, and make more memories with them all.

For the past two years, I used to do a 'kid swap' with two of my lovely friends Dannii and Jodi. They had my kids when I worked, and I had theirs when they worked. We all lived close by, and it worked for us all nicely. They have become my family, especially their kids. Sadly, both Dannii and Jodi have moved an hour away (only a few minutes from each other though), and I miss them terribly. I also miss my "Friday children" Eli, Matilda and Zoe, who are also Noah's special friends.

It's been months since we all caught up: Dannii and her four children, Jodi and her two girls, and us. So, after our tree was decorated (and we danced and sang to Christmas songs), we slept (we're pretty exhausted here). For dinner we decided on hot chips and a picnic at the park. Afterwards we visited Dannii's old street where her neighbour puts on the most amazing light display at his home. He dresses up as Santa, and the kids throw magic dust to turn on the lights. He lets the kids look through his home windows to amazing displays and has lolly bags each child. (Seriously, if that isn't the spirit of Christmas, what is?)

We were all there, and while the kids ran from one light display to the other, we watched on, feeling their excitement and joy. Kids just pick up where they left off, don't they? Good friendships are like that too.

After the light display, eight children and three ladies bombarded my house for hot chocolate and a christmas movie before they set off on their hour trip home. It was crazily awesome. Bring on more summer days like this.

How are you spending the days of Christmas?

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