Thursday, January 30, 2014


First day at Kinder. First day in Year 2.


Yep. Here we are. The first day of many school days, lunchboxes, pick ups and drop offs, reading hours, spelling bees, homework, bag packing, money in little envelopes, crazy mornings, and "have you packed your bag yet?"

Madison was nervous. He always is. He likes to be sure that we say goodbye, that he receives that farewell cuddle and kiss. But he's come into his own. He's a class clown. He's half of the Dodgy Brothers (yes, that's what his last year's teacher called him!), and his favourite subject is recess and lunch. Oh, and sport.

Noah couldn't wait to get to kinder. He's been waiting for a whole year, it seems. And when his introductory hour was over, he shouted, "Nooooo! I haven't done everything yet!" So, we stayed an extra 15 minutes to finish his work of art, and then made it quite clear that I wasn't to stay for the whole time ever again (it's okay, every parent was there - we were allowed). No problems adjusting to kinder life, I suspect.

And if you're keen to compare the last two year's worth of school for Madison, look no further than here. I'm not going to say how quickly life whips by. I'm not.

How did your kids go at their first day at school?

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