Tuesday, January 28, 2014


It's hardly over. In fact, it's well into its prime: a delightful, steamy summer. Those long, hot days begging for a dive into salty water, icy poles dying to be licked, and adventures waiting to be had.

I've decided that blogging isn't a summer sport. Why, I've totally ignored this space while we have been jumping rocks, reading books, squishing our toes in the sand, and devouring the sights and smells of this beautiful season. (Oh, and doing a bit of renovating and building too.)

Things return to 'normal' tomorrow. I'm sad. I'm happy. School and work always brings mixed emotions. I want that eternal feeling of relax, I want to dwell in the mess with my children, and not give a damn. I also can't wait for rhythms of routine and structure. I can't wait to clear out the snowstorm in each room, and clear my mind and the rooms of holiday mess.

This much I know: so far we have made new memories, experienced new things, pushed ourselves to new levels. And the summer so far brings the taste of something wonderful that may remain sweet on our tongues for the rest of the year.

Are you bittersweet about school starting this week, and the holidays being over?

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