Tuesday, April 08, 2014


Perhaps starting a photography and design business has something to do with it; or we're continuing with the building project we started over a year ago. Maybe it's because I've got a kinder child that goes four days a week for half days and I'm working in the office when he's there.

Whatever it is, I'm not sure when blogging became so hard to fit in. It doesn't seem that long ago, but I remember clearly complaining on this very blog almost daily about being too busy. Don't worry - the irony is not lost on me.

So, my parents still love this blog, because each week I faithfully place a weekly portrait of The Lads here. In fact, my family will still love this post, because it's more about us and still about the lads. But it's of a more personal nature: what we've been doing in our lives.

If you haven't been able to tell by the photos, we've been back in Port Fairy. We're only two rooms left to line on our 'little' building project (photos coming real soon), the boys have changed schools successfully, we've had parents visit (they were so helpful!), we walk daily to and from school and I never get sick of the scenery. While I'm not posting as much, I'm still taking photos most days. How I love this place.

The first day both kids went to school was the first day I walked home feeling almost lost. I wasn't rushing off to work (well, technically I was going back home to renovate), and that felt good. It was the first time I thought about how big the lads were getting, and how easy it was for them to transfer to new schools/kinder. They've got their friends here now, and that makes me so very happy. They're growing up so fast.

Speaking of fast, how did March end without me hardly batting an eyelid? I'm still feeling like Christmas was just last week. It just goes to show how frantic this year has been. It's the first week of the school holidays, and it feels like we only just started summer.

Soon enough, we will be back at our usual 9 to 5 in Melbourne and somehow staying on top of things. Life will resume to what seems to be the new normal. Each year our 'normal' changes, and I'm sure it will be different again when I have two children at school doing the same hours.

*takes a deep breath*

First things first. Let's just stop long enough to enjoy this year before it's half over.

Tell me: is the year zipping by for you too?

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