Monday, July 18, 2011


So, the second series of the television program I host was filmed last week. And there were a whole bunch of things I had forgotten about, which I wanted to remember and share with you...
  1. There's no such thing as packing light. Hosting a thirteen part series means lots of outfit changes and a lot of stuff to take to the studio.
  2. Things take time. I arrived on the set at 12:45pm on Wednesday thinking I was running very late. But not to fear, the set wasn't finished yet (and filming started after 4:30pm). We kept going until around 9:30pm.
  3. It's all about the socks. Because every speck and dirt grain comes up on the camera, the set design staff kicked off their shoes every time they had to hop onto the set.
  4. It's cold. To stop the underarm sweat and forehead glow, preferable filming time is in winter. And, thanks to technology, studio lights are not as hot as they use to be. Shame for me who spent most of my time freezing (but at least I wasn't sweating or shining).
  5. Smiling really hurts after a while. Every line to the camera is said smiling. And cheeks really ache after eight hours or so of filming.
  6. Producers have many talents. As well as sorting out the content, the guests, the set, they also can be seen to put on a little makup and powder as well.
  7. It's easy to become a diva. Not that I was actually hard to get along with, I can see why constant time in this industry, you might become a little big-headed. You see, priming the 'talent' is part of every filming staff's job. So compliments all throughout the day so you feel confident, and you excel beyond you ever might imagine. (Luckily, my lads keep me grounded!).
  8. There is a Voice Of God. Seriously. While we were a staff or two down on set, the tv producer in a sound room still had a presence. It's a big speaker called the Voice of God. And yes, it's kind of funny, because he sees everything too.
  9. There isn't much to a set. Really, there isn't. Can you see the roll of carpet, and the junk behind it? There really are lots of tricks and the camera really does lie.
  10. Microphones can go in the funniest of places. Let's just leave it there, shall we?

Microphoning up...

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