Saturday, July 09, 2011

this saturday i'm grateful for... sunshine through my windows

 It's been cold, it's been raining, and winter has set in. While I struggle to keep my moods less grey than the sky, I'm so grateful for...
  1. Sunshine through my windows. What is better than lying on a comfortable sofa, surrounded by pillows, your favourite little people, and the sun on your face, in the cozy warmth of your own home (when it's absolutely freezing outside)?
  2. Cancelled flights. My best friend called last Saturday morning to ask what I was doing that night. It just so happened her husband's flight with Tiger Airlines had been cancelled from Adelaide to Melbourne, and so he was driving himself and the three big boys instead. It just so happens that he was exhausted from his lack of sleep, and there was some room for her and her two babies to squeeze in too. So, while most people were cursing Tiger for their cancelled flights, I was ever so thankful to the airline to have my best friend visit for a brief 16 hours before she and her family drove back home to Adelaide.
  3. Harmonicas. While most people might put them up with the sound of a recorder, last night my boys had two of Daddy's harmonicas and danced and played while Dad played the guitar. It was just a moment I will never forget of their pyjama cuteness while singing and 'playing music with Daddy'.
What are you grateful for today?