Saturday, July 23, 2011

this saturday i'm grateful for... kitchen floors

From one mad project to to another. What a contrast in weeks! From last week where I wore ridiculous amounts of makeup and sat around all day, to wearing none at all and working like a man*. It's been a rollercoaster. And this week I am grateful for...
  1. Kitchen floors. It's been four and a half years in the planning, but this week we decided the kitchen renovations need to commence. After all, the cabinet maker is hard at work making our cupboards. No pressure or anything. And when ripping up the 70's lino (I know, classy!), we discovered booras had eaten most of our lovely kouri pine floorboards. So it all had to go. We've had no floor for most of the week. Now our new harwood floor is in (and our house is warm again).
  2. Warm showers. When wood shavings move into your underwear and dust takes over your hair and nostrils, a warm shower at the end of every hard working day is just bliss.
  3. Five star service. When two lovely friends of mine and I went out to dinner this week, we treated ourselves to a little French Five Star Restaurant. To say it was a gestational experience was an understatement. And the service was amazing. No sooner than our napkins were accidentally dropped were they being re-folded and placed on the table, a mini table broom for the clean ups between meals, and coats being placed back on our backs as we left. Regular customer service will never be the same again.

Happy grateful day. What are you grateful for?

The sweet Beth from BabyMac is babysitting Gratefuls this weekend. Pop on over and say hi, and then share what you are grateful for.

*You know what I mean: a hard-working one.