Thursday, July 28, 2011


If meals are hard to plan in a fully contained kitchen, removing the oven/stovetop makes things even that much more difficult.

I must confess that I'm so glad my hubby purchased a thermomix for me for mother's day. It's kind of awesome: like a food processor, steamer, blender, dough mixer and stove all in one.

With a little bit of planning, I've been able to make super nutricious meals for my family, all the while minimising on take out (which is so tempting when you're renovating!)

And my head was held up the most when I made the following for dinner: potato and leek soup, spaghetti bolognaise and white chocolate mousse for dessert. My five year triumphantly claimed after each course, "Mum, that was just so yummy!"

Now, that rarely happens in this houshold, but there was a dinner hat trick here this week. And it made mummy very happy.

How about you? Did you do some menu planning this week to keep you organised? Or have you tried something completely new this week?

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