Sunday, July 31, 2011


Is there anything better than visiting a wonderful friend who also happens to live at the beach? After week two of renovating, I'm really, really tired. And a day at the beach was so nice and relaxing for the little lads and me.

So, sans makeup, and a change of clothes for the kids (how can a child not get wet at the beach, no matter how cold it is?), we were off. And yes, the weather was miserable. We ate lukewarm chips in the rain while being blown away by the cold wind. But note to self: if you run around enough, you actually can warm up a bit. And that's just what the boys did.

We retreated to the beach house where my friend lives and sipped on creamy hot chocolate, and chatted while encouraging my two year old to dodge the many guitars in the house. (A little like the challenge that lies at our place.) Besides the weather, the day was a wonderful success. On the way home, I had two boys snoring quietly in the back seat. In fact the trip was so quiet, I did ponder on having a little nap myself... 

And look. See? I'm having a little nanna nap while snapping this photograph. That's how tired I am.

Now, I'm off to pack up my entire kitchen so we can take out all the old cupboard carcasses. But exciting moment. This means the new ones goes in soon!

TUNIC, Witchery.
PONTE PANTS, Witchery.
SKIVVY, Capture.
VEST, Closet.
SCARF, Warren Glen Nursery Gift Shop.
FLATS, Target.
RING, Diva ($3).
EARRINGS, Warren Glen Nursery Gift Shop.

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