Friday, July 01, 2011

this saturday i'm grateful for... being grateful

It's been almost four weeks since I was grateful here on a day in the life of us. But that's just the blog. Since starting the grateful Saturdays along with Maxabella Loves... last year, I have found lots of reasons to be joyful and look to the positive.

Why even when not blogging about what I'm grateful for, I'm now in the habit of stopping and reflecting on the good things that have happened this week. And I'm always so grateful for the community that blogging has, and I now have because of you. Thanks Maxabella for this fabulous linky, and I'm so looking forward to being part of this again.
  1. Grateful for being being grateful. Does that sound corny? It probably does. But it's the process of being grateful that I love so much. Focusing on the good makes us happier people. There might even be some research to suggest that happier people are healthier too.
  2. Celebrating the big five. On Thursday, a day in the life of us celebrated five years of existence. Who'd would have thought that I'd still be doing this after five years? I haven't always nurtured this blog like it deserves, but I've really gotten to like it here. No big celebrations or giveaways. Just a little bit of Aint' That A Bit Spesh to be here in this part of the world for that long.
  3. When worlds collide. And because I'm feeling so gushy about you, my bloggy friends, I thought I'd say that even when I'm not blogging, there are little reminders about my Other Life from the virtual world in my, er, real world. Like my first real follower when I decided to make my blog public (thanks Maxabella!), my lads' favourite beanies (pictured above) and a wrap scarf (thanks Tammi!), a leopard print scarf (thanks Brenda!), a beautiful hand-made cushion that sits on our bed (thanks Carol!), DVD giveaways (thanks to Joni and Anya), and this week a new kids DVD and CD (thanks Caz!). I am so grateful for you, and often think of you, even when I'm not sitting in front of my computer.
What are you grateful for? Visit Maxabella Loves... for more wonderful gratefulness.