Tuesday, July 26, 2011


When the days are hard and super long, it's good to remind myself that I chose motherhood.

I wondered for the longest time if I should do it. And at 34, I decided I really, really did. Nothing like waiting for the last minute, right?

And I'm so blessed that I was able to have two perfectly healthy munchkins to add to our lives.

But on a day when the bedroom cupboard is broken open, sunscreen, eye drops, panadol and nasal drops are all emptied onto the bedroom carpet, toys are littered everywhere, the bedroom lamp (and globe) broken, the cot pulled apart (slat by slat), this is when it reminds me the most. (And the sunscreen wiped through the comb was a nice touch too.)

On other days when my son has fallen off the verandah, banged his head, re-opened his forehead wound from last week, thrown my kitchen accessories between the floorboards to the grass below (did I mention we're renoving right now?), I really find it challenging.

It's on days like this I remember my mantra and repeat it over and over again, "I chose to have children. I really wanted this."

And then I see this face. This is everything I ever wanted.