Monday, July 04, 2011

you tube and my family

I really want this guy to be my father of my babies.

Oh wait. He already is.

There's been a bit of curiosity about my hubby here, and I thought I'd formally introduce you to him. He's got long hair, he plays the guitar like no-one else I know, I love the way his mind works. He's so smart, yet so sensitive. Oh, and he writes his own songs.

I love him.

And now you've heard him sing, you know why I just had to marry him. He swooned me. It just took, er, eight years or so.

And see this girl on the right? That's one of my gorgeous fairy step-daughters, Kell and her BFF Stef. They're both hilarious. This below, is a teaser of their YouTube reality show...

My family is taking over YouTube.