Sunday, October 01, 2006

baby boom

Today I have been thinking about my many friends who were all doing the same thing as us 12 months ago, and decided to have a family.

There's Jo and Brett who were like us and weren't sure if they wanted a family, but then the that damn clock starting ticking and us girls changed our mind! They welcomed a little girl Chloe 3 months ago.

Megan and Mark had a little girl Olivia Paige three months ago. The picture above is of Maddy and Olivia playing up. Maddy is such a chubba in comparison!

Nicola and Mike had a boy two and a half months ago and they named him Zebediah, and he is a little miracle IVF baby and just gorgeous.

My lovely cousin Holly and her hubby Angelo had their second baby, a boy name Joseph John only four days after Maddy was born.

Ali and Leighton had a girl, Charlie May just a day before Maddy.

Finally, Darren and Melissa who have been wanting a baby for years and had their little miracle just over a month ago.

The little gifts that we have been given are each a miracle, and I am so happy that we are all experiencing our very own journey with our new children. Enjoy the moments.

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