Sunday, October 08, 2006

rainy weekend

This weekend has been a wet one with rain pouring down all night and all day. In fact, it is one of my favourite things about living in Lae. The weather is very tropical and humid, but in wet season, it rains (no, pours) all the time. And in dry season it only rains at night. We get around 4 metres per year (wouldn't it be lovely if all this rain could somehow be transferred to Australia to help end the drought?).

This morning Steve and I slept to rain on our roof after a night of watching way too many movies (three in all). It was nice to vege out, but I know too well that late nights will come back and bite me! I can’t be sure when Maddy will wake up, so it is a gamble staying up late.

Luckily Maddy woke only at 1am (we were still watching movies) and again at 6am. It meant that I dragged him to our bed early in the morning and fed him (how lazy) until he fell back asleep until around 9am which was so nice. When he awoke we spent some time talking to him and watching his little activities.

We are both amazed at how quickly he has changed from being ‘blob-like’ (ie. just watching things) to grabbing and eating everything in sight! We reckon it was only two weeks ago that he learnt to use his hands, and now we can’t do anything with him on our lap for fear of disaster. Plates, cups, knives and forks have all moved 10cm further away from the edge of the table and our bills (very tasty), no longer can sit on the lounge room coffee table for long.

And our hair! Steve suffers from this more than I do (since I have recently had all my hair cut off), but Maddy is pulling out Steve’s hair in bunches. When I bath him at night he usually has some hair entwined around his fingers or toes which is evidence of what he has been up to!

Despite this, we still do attempt to do things with him on our laps. In fact, after we got ourselves up today, and had our cooked brunch (the usual Sunday tradition), Steve had Madison on his lap while checking out some new guitar tabs on the internet. Maddy looked at Steve as if to say, "I am your biggest fan." It's too cute for words!

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