Saturday, November 25, 2006

ADRA family day

On Monday, ADRA hosted its annual family day.

It was held at the Lae Botanical Gardens. The weather was hot, hot, hot! But we all had a great time enjoying volleyball, soccer and the yummy food.

It was also a time to say goodbye formally to my work colleagues which was sad. I tried hard not to cry when I said my farewell speech. I will always treasure the time I have spent working for ADRA and the many friends I have made. I will never forget it.

On a lighter note, Madison had a lovely time being passed around to all his special friends. It got so hot, we gave him a little 'waswas' under the tap and then he went "Commando" for the rest of the day! He enjoyed being a discoverer and played with our receptionist Jenny's pet puppy. We had to teach him not to pull the puppy's ears though!

I hope you enjoy the pics of the family day as much as we enjoyed attending.

Above: Bonifas with Madison and the puppy; Linda, Me, Lillie and Sandy; "Nambawan" with Maddy, Jeff, Alu and Lorraine.

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