Wednesday, November 15, 2006

village life

This last weekend, we went to Port Moresby and visited Irupara, a coastal village about two hours from there. We had a wonderful time and had a chance to catch up with old friends Zillar and VJ, who we haven't seen for more than two years as they have been in Australia (we did a swap - they went to Adelaide - Zillar received a masters scholarship at Flinders).

Some of you may not be aware that Steve was born in Rabaul, PNG and so he has many wonderful memories here. VJ is one of his old friends and they spent much of their time during the weekend reminiscing about their childhood. It sounded like they had lots of great times together.

Madison had his first taste of Kulau (water from the young coconut) which he just loved (he drank two glasses), and he enjoyed thoroughly what village life had to offer.

We enjoyed swimming in the salty water which was cool and refreshing. We also had the opportunity to visit parents of another of Steve's old friends.

Now, we are going back to Australia, it will be the first of many goodbyes we will have to say. It was sad to leave our friends, but it is is great to know that the world is becoming a smaller place for us, and we know they aren't far away.

Above pictures: Zillar with Madison, Maddy enjoying a glass of kulau, Kym and Maddy at Irupara Village Church.

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