Friday, December 12, 2008


It's high time I announced that we're having another baby.

Yes, a baby.

The hesitation in sharing this has mostly been due to the fact that I lost a baby almost exactly a year ago, and when that happens, you are usually more reticent to announce anything early. Just in case.

And I do confess that, now I am 16 weeks, each week becomes more and more exciting. And it feels like we will actually make it this time.

When we were pregnant with our first child, Madison, we didn't tell anyone until I was 19 weeks pregnant. But seeing that all those nether regions are all stretched, there is no way I could hide this baby beyond 12 weeks! I popped right out this time.

This baby is due on Madison's 3rd birthday. A few friends have asked me if something special happens at the end of August. Well, yes. Actually it's my husband's birthday. But please don't think that this is the only time we - you know - celebrate. But it does seem to be the time I am most fertile (the baby we lost was due at end of May too).

It's official! And it's feeling quite real now.

Have you been reticent to announce a pregnancy due to losing a baby in the past? Do tell.


  1. I know I've already said it, but CONGRATULATIONS!!! I get so excited when a baby is on the way. It is truly the finest miracle we experience. Sorry to hear you lost a baby last year :(

    And as for all your babies being due in May, in our family my 2 brothers and I are all born within a month of one another. Mum and Dad experienced the same thing!! And yes, it coincides with Mum's birthday, but she tried for almost a year to have me and 8 or 9 months to have my baby brother. Just seemed that was the only time it worked! We're still trying to find that elusive month... he he he. Thank God for IVF!!

  2. You know how happy I am for you!!! I need to come over your way to see you in all your pregnant glory!

  3. Saw this back post through LinkWithin (such a fab gadget, don't you think?). Super love this--the anxiety and anticipation surrounding a pregnancy is priceless.


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