Sunday, December 28, 2008

a relaxing christmas day

All the preparing and planning for Christmas - which was done weeks before the event - turned out to be a very good idea, as the lead up to Christmas suddenly became very busy with work.

The presents were wrapped, cards made and sent out, and spiced nuts ready to give to extended family.

And because the menu was sorted out weeks beforehand, on Christmas day I was wondering if I shouldn't be more stressed. I kept thinking that I had forgotten something.

Somewhere along the planning, I thought it was a neat idea to have a plate full of lollies. Around three days after the girls arrived, we all agreed it perhaps wasn't such a good idea after all.

On Christmas Eve, Kelly and I created a stick tree as our table centrepiece, which I think turned out quite dramatic and pretty:

On Christmas morn, it was all Hands On Deck (the girls were terrific), and despite a small concern about the mock turkey not being cooked (it was perfect), everything turned out okay. And the dessert options were awesome! My favourite was definitely the summer berry trifle (thanks Leah!).

Here's a sneak preview of a little of what we ate:

cheese, fruit & nut platter (made by Kelly)

pani di casa loaf with garlic butter (thanks Bakers Delight)

cheese croquettes with gravy

summer berry trifle (chef a'la Leah)

best ever pudding with hot custard (that's my mother-in-law for you)

Gingerbreads - yum! (thanks Kat & Heather)

Butter cookies with glaced cherries and choc chips (made by me - hubby LOVES these)

This year's present selections did well too. Kelly's shoes fit her perfectly (and she loved her new wedges); and Leah (who can be the hardest to please) liked her top. There was only one exchange, and I knew it would be touch and go - was Leah's jeans. Not too bad I reckon.

And everyone leaving after having their fill... what a lovely day of family fun times and gluttony!


  1. OMG, look at all that fabulous food! My mouth is watering just looking at it all and the pics you have taken of it all are fabulous! Glad you had a good Xmas.

  2. Oh, my...lovie! CONGRATULATIONS!!! I did not even know you were expecting again! You look beautiful!
    (So did christmas lunch I might add!!!)


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