Saturday, March 27, 2010

boys in a box

At Christmas time, my eldest son received the best present ever: a pedal car. It's awesome. It's black, shiny and has police logos on the side. It has a real metal surface and can dent - just like a real car. It's been a real hit, although interest has waned slightly due to the discovery of something else.

Last week, my eldest son found the box in which the abovementioned pedal car came in. It's brown, big, and really plain. But he loves it. And if I thought about the hours he's spent in that box, it might just be more hours than on the pedal car.

One of the especially appealing things is dragging your less enthusiastic little brother into the box with you and closing the flaps. Makes for one big scary panic! (Not to mention some awesome fun for Big Brother, so he does it again and again...)

So, here are my boys playing with their 'new toy'.

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