Tuesday, March 30, 2010

rock a bye

My little men are beautiful. And full on. Like today, for example.

Today's (un)doings included:

1. Once again, Noah took every DVD off the bookshelf 3 times (you'd think we'd do something about this by now).

2. Every magazine and book in the TV room off its table, onto the floor.

3. The bottom shelf of the pantry was entirely emptied out. And he found the strawberry jelly crystals. (And let's be very glad Noah can only reach the bottom shelf.)

4. The entire contents of the crystals were emptied. Noah had ripped it open with his teeth. (Damn that they came through so early.) He was a very pretty pink boy. Yummy, crystals.

5. He's now climbing. The verandah stairs, the chairs... and today he climbed up both to get to my step-daughter's smoking pot which is full of cigarette butts. He grabbed a handful and shoved them in his mouth. Mmmm, ash.

6. Pulling out every baby wipe out of it's container. A little annoying.

Mind you, none of it tops eating the toilet brush which he did do today and yesterday... We'll just leave it there, shall we?

So, it's no wonder after a fun-filled day of playing, activities, socialising, destroying, hunting, gardening, eating, and destroying (did I say that one already?), there's a small reward for all the action.


No, not for me (that never happens).

For the boys.

Because when all the excitement stops... it stops. (What else were you thinking would happen?)

So, when their little bellies are full it's 'quiet time'.

Yes, that's for me. Entirely for me.

That's why I can treasure these moments...

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