Friday, April 01, 2011

this saturday i'm grateful for... backyard picnics

It is the weekend already? Oh my! If I pause for a moment, I can remember some wonderful moments in the blur...

  1. Backyard picnics. This week I had the joy of three extra little munchkins in our home. The weather was so divine, we decided to have a backyard picnic. The kids were excited, and I was able to capture some of the lovely moments.
  2. Toddler dates. My toddler enjoyed his very first babycino this week. I've been surprised that it has taken this long for us to have this sort of one-on-one time. Plus he loved the babycino and cupcake so much, we might just have to do it again.
  3. Reminders about small people. This week one of my favourite bloggers posted a gorgeous list of things to remember when parenting. It's been printed and reminds me of all the wonderful ways to love my children. One of the sentences filled with wisdom was remember how really small they are. It has given me so much to think about this week. It's a danger when we treat our children like big boys and girls, when really they are still so young, vulnerable and precious. I'm guilty of making my eldest grow up too quickly. These words also help me to remember that tomorrow they will never be as small as they are today.

Happy Grateful Day.

Why not celebrate your gratefuls with the lovely Maxabella...



  1. Oh I love a backyard picnic.
    I feel like I don't get your updates in my reader - about to pop back and read about your babycino adventures. I look forward to doing that with my boy since my mum did it first with my girls.
    I saw this reminder, too. What a brilliant idea to print it out.

  2. I think I might print that list of how to really love a child... I need reminding a bit lately. Thanks for sharing it.

    Popping over from Maxabella Loves!

  3. Love the list.

    Particularly "If they're crabby, put them in water." That really stood out for me. Does it actually work?

    I'll need to remember that one.


  4. Lots of lovely memories of picnics when ours were littlies. A fabulous list to live by!

  5. That's a lovely piece, Kymmie. It goes so well with backyard picnics which I adore. I throw down the blanket as often as I can. x

  6. LOVED being home with my 4 little ones, do you have a poster for teens?? If they're crabby, putting them in water means they'll use all the hot water in the world's longest shower & leave everyone else in the lurch. I still force kisses on her before & after school, so few mummies do, i refuse to stop. If she resists i make a fuss & squeeze her, she's learned to go with it. Mother love resistance if futile, love Posie

  7. Love a good backyard picnic. Love the little poster too. "When cranky put them in water" too true, too true!

  8. Oh I really love that poster!! And I really love your backyard too...will have to bring the kiddos 'round for a picinic one day :-)
    have a great weekend Kymmie

  9. Backyard picnics are so magical aren't they?
    That list is just gorgeous, I love it.
    Happy weekend Kym

  10. Loving your list of gratefuls . I must print the little list out.
    Backyard picnics are awesome fun.

    The world would be a much happier place if we could all appreciate the little things in how to love a child more often.

    I think I have a huge list of Sarkisms from years ago.

    Thanks for the comments on my posts ♥´¯¨• You are gorgoeus.

  11. Oh LOVE your list - as always Kymmie, those kiddlets look as if they are having a ball!!! I love a picnic there is just something about laying out a rug, and sitting on the ground to tuck into some yummy food!!!
    That piece on parenting is also such a lovely reminder (for when it all seems a bit too much!!) thanks for sharing

  12. love the backyard picnic. we went and had one for dinner this evening. at the park with at blanket. awesome!

  13. Backyard picnics are the BEST! x


Thank you for your thoughtful and positive words and taking the time to comment. Love Kymmie. xx